“I have a friend who doesn’t eat wheat and my husband is gluten intolerant. She was munching away on your cookies and offered some to the rest of us. They were gone in two seconds. Told my Husband and he said order them!…so I did!”

“Oh my! I received the cookies today and since you had some in baggies, I sampled them. They are awesome. Not only are they moist but they don’t leave that sugary feeling. You are doing something right. Can you give me any estimate on shipping to the 66542 area? I was thinking maybe I could encourage a group order at our meeting. Thanks and keep making those good cookies.”Sharon Larson, President Topeka Celiac Support Group

Cookie Cravings!

“Add me to your (long) list of commentary that these are the best tasting cookies ever. They taste like hearty real food, like a meal, not sugary desserts which do not appeal to me. I keep them near frozen for even a more solid, fulfilling texture. This may be the first snack I have found that goes just as good with 24 as it does with Survivor and Desperate Housewives.” – Robert

“Dear Natasha, My daughter-in-law recently brought me a package of your Health Nut Cookies. I was looking forward to tasting yet another bland “healthy” cookie. She and I have been on Weight Watchers for a few months, and she told me each cookie would be 3 points. Let me just say you have created the best cookie I have ever tasted, bar none! I love the slight chewiness and crispness you’ve accomplished in marrying together, and the flavor is the best! Thank you for this delightful snack. I have savored every bite and will be ordering from you soon.”A satisfied customer, Sandy K., Atwater, CA

“I just ate one of your cookies and whow…what a treat. I no longer have to feel guitly about eating something sweet. I had just left my Heart Dr’s office yesterday where he told me to eat only freshly prepared foods. Unfortunately most cookies you can buy are dead food and will last indefinitely on the shelf, so they are out for me. I also have an allergy to wheat and the cookies take care of that concern as well. The only option I had in the past was to make my own and with my busy life I just could not mamage it very often. So your cookies are a God send. Thank you for all of your labor of love.”Pam, Carmel Ca.

“Natasha, You brought a smile to my daughter’s face and (just about) tears to my eyes, after she bit into the Raisin Amaretto cookie and absolutely loved it! It was the soft chewy consistency she had been missing. 5 months ago we discovered she has several food allergies (not Celiac though) and has been on an elimination diet trying to heal her gut. It is not easy to find shelf products that meet her restrictions: no gluten, no oat, no soy, no dairy, no peanut, just to name a few. The clincher of it all she is also she can’t have rice. This has been one of the hardest eliminations cause most GF products use some sort of brown rice or rice syrup. So now you can see how wonderful of a find your cookie is!!! This Raisin Amaretto cookie was a jewel to find. I can add to her school lunch and her not stand out with ’special food’ around the rest of the kids. We’re going back for the Cranberry-Orange!”Regards, Carole K.

“Love, love, love the cookies! Amazing! In a fast-paced world where finding healthy and convenient foods is often a challenge, your cookies represent a true milestone in taste, convenience, and nutritional value. As one bites into Natasha’s guilt-free temptations, the first thing one thinks of is “this wholesome” followed by an immediate rush which says “this is delicious too!” You have done such a fabulous job putting these cookies together. It would be great fun to work with you in getting them out to the world. It should be a mission to make it happen. It also would be great fun to work with you in helping to make it happen. Thank you so much for sending the cookies. I love them all, the vanilla chocolate chip being my favorite so far. We can’t deprive the world of them much longer!”Dan Nadeau, MD (Author of The Color Code: A Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health)

“Hi Natasha, It was great to meet you at the eWomen dinner! As someone who has tried just about every gluten free product out there, I can wholeheartedly say that these are the best cookies I have tried yet. I was shocked at how moist and full of flavor they where! Many of the gluten free products are too sweet. You have found the perfect balance. Love the cranberry orange combo!. My colleagues at The Stratford thought they were great as well. We will keep Health Nut Cookies in mind for our residents who have special dietary needs. All the best – you are bound to be a success.” Jennifer Whitaker, Director of Sales & Marketing The Stratford.

“Natasha, Your cookies taste fabulous and I liked all 3 flavors. Thanks for sending them to me. I will mention them in my next Culinary Cues e-newsletter. Keep up the good work! Carol Fenster (author of 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes)”President/Founder, Savory Palate, Inc.

“Hi Natasha! Simply put, your cookies are sublime. These are not just tasty morsels, but, if it’s possible, a treat with soul. Thanks you so much for sending them so quickly and for putting such time and care into your product. I was on the Hold The Gluten website this morning and I noticed that your cookies are mentioned in the summary of the podcast and there is also an automatic link to your website! I haven’t listened to this podcast yet, but I am sure that Maureen raves about your product and I look forward to listening. I hope the mention on her show and the link on her page bring you some well deserved business. Happy Baking! My Best.”Sally

“Hi Natasha! I wanted to let you know that I received your package of cookies today. THEY ARE FABULOUS!!!! I could not help myself and ate one of each. The cranberry orange are my favorite!! All were delicious though It is rare to find a moist gluten free cookie – you’ve done a wonderful job! I will be recording my latest podcast episode next week. I will definitely mention your cookies, your site, and your story in my podcast. I’ll also post a link to your site. In the new few weeks I will also do a blog post about your cookies. I’ll be back in touch when the latest show is available — I’ll send you a link. I’ll do the same when I finish my blog post. Thanks again for sharing your cookies with me. Keep up the great work — it is so impressive what you have accomplished. I wish you MUCH success!”Maureen, www.holdthegluten.net

“Okay…. It wasn’t a cookie day, I actually went to the Farmer’s Market to buy flowers. But something caught my eye. It was the words HEALTH and COOKIE in the same sentence! Could it be a HEALTHY COOKIE??? Is there such a thing? I didn’t know, but one thing I do know now, is that Natasha’s Health Nut Cookie in the Cranberry Orange is AMAZING!!! Not only did I LOVE it, but my 16 yr old asked for another. Which is amazing in itself. The cookie was so soft, moist, and bursting with flavor. And this is a cookie that was labled NO flour, No SUGAR added. I couldn’t believe how good it was. It was only after I realized that I had eaten three, that I had to have some more. They were actually hard to share too. I hid and ate the last one! LOL So here I am two days later, after dreaming about them, ordering some on-line . I am patiently waiting for a small piece of flourless, sugarless heaven. Thanks Natasha for a great cookie.” Customer for life, Tracy in Livemore

“Hi Natasha. I received your cookies as a birthday gift this year from my very dear friend, in San Mateo, CA. I am diabetic and also have many other ailments that are worsened by certain food consumption. She has such a great heart and is always trying to make someone else’s life a little better. Your cookies are Delicious and the contents are something that do not hurt me. You are truly one of God’s Angels! Bless you!” – Brenda K.

“Natasha. I discovered your fabulous cookies at the San Mateo Farmer’s Market last weekend. My husband is on a low-carb diet and was miserable not being able to eat something sweet after dinner. I brought home a dozen of your cookies and he cannot stop talking about them. They are fabulous!”

“These are the best tasting cookies ever.”

“Add me to your (long) list of commentary that these are the best tasting cookies ever. They taste like hearty real food, like a meal, not sugary desserts which do not appeal to me. I keep them near frozen for even a more solid, fulfilling texture. This may be the first snack I have found that goes just as good with 24 as it does with Survivor and Desperate Housewives. One problem though: your literature says they are “satisfying” of cravings. For me, it is the opposite. I mean to eat one or two, but wind up eating the whole package. Any advice?”Robert